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Functional spec clarification

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Hello gurus,

I need some tips in analyzing a functional spec. I really need to know what all information I definitely need to have in a functional spec so as to start writing a technical spec.

This is how my func spec looks like:

It has few KPI's listed.

Empty business content section.(nothing mentioned)

Empty Multi provider section.(nothing mentioned)

Report properties.

Data fields (nothing mentioned)

columns and rows of report.

Drill downing characteristics.

Now my question with the above mentioned information can we call it to be a complete functional spec???? and can i start writing a technical spec???

I am confused what all information shud a functional spec have???

does it need to list all the technical names of the infoobjects, infocubes, ods, data sources etc needed for a data model??????

correct me if I am wrong:

functional spec=technical names of IO, ods, IC,etc

Technical spec=detailed information of io, ods, ic??????? is it right????

Eagerly waiting for your inputs.




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In BI /BW, I would say there is no need for a separate func specs. You can build a technical spec from the detailed business requirement document. Let me brief you how should you proceed in doing s specsin a BI reporting environment:

1. Review the detailed business requirements.

2. Talk to the data ownwrs of the various source systems.

3. Get the sample data, wherever applicable.

4. Idenfity the business content that will meet the requirements.

5. For the data items, that will not be met by the content, ideltify the source tables and fields and the enhancement possibilities.

6. Now you have everything to do the specs.

7. Adopt the documentation format that your Orgaization follows.

Ravi Thothadri

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Thank you so much for your reply .

Need some more inputs from you in writing a technical spec.

I have actually collected all the fields in the functional spec, and then I have searched the business content for a extract structure with those fields. But i was not able to find all the fields in a single extract structure, the fields are scattered into two to three extract structures, so how should I work it out???

I have another question too, if I know the Technical name of a character how can i search for that in a extract structure, because in a extract structure i can only field names and the description right??? one way could be double clicking it and knowing the default name ...but is there any other option????may be a dumb question but please do help me out gurus.