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function module

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plz send how to create fm? wat is use?we r create any fm? plz send code?

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Dear Sheik,

I would like to share my experience in this regard. We had a situation where in the data in APO system was available only in internal tables and users wanted data out of the temporary location. So we created a function module in extracting the temp data to a z-table and did the extraction to BW. This we can achieve complex calculation also. When you have data in the table and when there is some simple join conditions applicable you can go for View, but when there are some complex calculations to be done at the extractor level itself then we would go for Function module.

Hope this helps



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Datasource based on FM in the sence ...a generic extractor with Function Module extraction.

Goto RSO2 and check any data source. there you can see a option of Extracting By function Module. You need to create a Function Module to extract data for your requirement and give that FM name there in RSO2.

You would go for Function module extraction for generic data sources. There is a sample function module given by SAP ..RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE you can check this for functionality

RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE is for full upload

RSVD_BW_GET_DELTA_DATA. is for delta upload.


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Go through these links

Generic extraction via function module blog siggi


Generic extraction via function module

asign points if helpfull..



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Hi Sheik,

FM is piece of code to work for your requirments and reuseual component etc. for example , reading data from data base, date conversion etc.

better to search SDN , there are some FM's.