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Function/Method for getting MIME object by name ??

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Hi all,

does anyone know of a function/method to get a mime from the mime repository

using the mime name as input instead of the mime id ?


I use html-fragments which are stored in the mime repository. Now I'd like to

extract this fragment into a string variable in a bsp page. Right now I use

the method 'cl_wb_mime_repository=>get_all_mimes' using the folder name

as input to get all mimes in that specific folder. Using the result I filter the

relevant mime out of the list to get the mime ID.

Unfortunately this method takes AGES, when there are lots of mimes in

that folder or subfolders.

Now I'm looking for a way to get the mime directly using the path and

name (without knowing the mime ID).

Does anyone know if this is possible or what method/function to use ?

Thanks a lot.


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Answers (2)

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or try report MR_CHECK_MIMES in my oppinion it provides all needful data

for mime objects...

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Hi Matthias,

thanks for your help. I have finally found a function

which does exactly what I was looking for:




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try the tables starting with smim* - maybe you should read directly from database...

Regards Matthias