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Funcional Specification creation

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I have been asked to give inputs to a functional consultant to create design specs for an interface. The inteface is from ECC to Webservice. As an XI consultant what all details should I provide. I said I need the fields at source and target, the mapping documents and the frequency. We have identified the Idoc required for the process.

What all details should I ask? What all inputs shoul I provide?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (3)

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Hi Radhika,

As you have mentioned in your requirement that Communication is from ECC to Web Service.

Here,I will assume that from ECC to PI you are using either Proxy or Idoc or both.

In case if you are using Proxy:-

  • ECC TO PI  and vice versa communication will happen with abap proxy.First abaper have to create the proxy for  and he will give you the struture which you have to import and do the required mapping..
  • You should have ateast basic information about the functional module which they are going to develop.
  • Background Jobs Information you should have so that you should be aware on and when this interface will run.

Incase if you are using Idoc

  • List down what all Idocs you are using in your project solution.
  • Find out whether mapping is 1:1 or complex mapping.
  • Also,List down whether you can achieve the requirement with stanadrad fuctions or you have to write some UDF.This should be very clear otherwise in future you will face problem,

From PI TO Webservices:-


  • Webserrvice is free of OS,application plateform and software.
  • You should have target  url  details  of all    development,quality,and production system.
  • Check the mapping logic involved.

Please let me know if you need any more information.



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Hi Radhika,

All depends what the communication will go to be developed. Are the endpoints developed yet?, if the answer is not the PI consultant can give some points to improve the communication, on the other hand the PI developer should adapt the PI interfaces.

From ECC to webservice i would ask firstly to the webservice endpoint developers what is the mandatory and optional data, the interface structure, in my opinion is the most important thing that a PI consultant must decide with the endpoints responsible. With ECC developers i would try to get an interface communication structure the wider possible, if there are any case in the future that the endpoint system needs more data.

From ECC to webservice the best way to do is using ABAP proxy – SOAP scenario. You should talk with the SOAP endpoint developers and to decide a XSD. You can use this xsd for you development, then you can work in parallel with them and with abbapers, when they have endpoint URL you can configure your SOAP receiver communication channel.


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You can read below link about subject from Daniel Graversen: