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Full Update from ODS to Cube via Process Chains

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Hi all

I am trying to create a process chain that does a full load into an ODS and then a full update into the Cube. The full load and activate works fine, but I am having trouble doing a full update into the Cube.

When I use the "Update ODS Object Data (Further Update)" process type and in the process maintenance I chose the Full Package for Update by the ODS.

I get the following error message:

"Process LOADING variant ZPAK_XX is referenced but is not in the chain"

When I bring in the InfoPackage as a predecessor of the update I then get the following error:

"InfoPackage ZPAK_XX is generated; NOT able to be used as loading variant"

Is there another way to do a full update into the cube from the ODS?

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Chami,

first you need to show the generated InfoSources by choosing Settings-> Display generated Objects ->Show generated Objects (note: the words may vary a bit, I translate it from German).

Now you may look for an InfoSource 8<ODS> where <ODS> is the name of your ODS. Your BW is automatically attached as SourceSystem. Now you may create a new InfoPackage there that you are able to use in process chains. Note you can also turn on writing PSA entries this way.

Best regards


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