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Full CPACache refresh is being triggered after import

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Hi expert,

I have the next problem: in a client after import communications channels in the directory the system trigger a Full CPACache refresh, and how do imagine the "apocalypse" begin (  all interfaces that are running being to fail), any ideas?.

Best regards.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Maximiliano,

I don't think a transport should trigger a Full CPA Cache refresh. Only a Delta refresh.

You can control whether the cache is automatically updated after a transport with the Exchange Profile/AII Service parameter = [true|fasle]

If you set this to false, you will then need to manually update the cache after you have made the necessary changes to the Comm Channel parameters (some mandatory fields are not transported).

See note 1345425 Skip Import and auto Activation feature for XI transports, for details.