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Full and Delta Loads

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Hello All,

How can we assign the load type to variable in BODS.

Eg: I need to design a job to load Full and Delta load.Now i need to assign the status of the job

to variable and if Full load is successful i need to load the delta load.

Can we achieve this by global variable initialization, or do i need to use any other logic.



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take a script and intialize variables there..

Take a globalvariable $LOAD_TYPE and write a if condition like if it is full load pass 'F' to $LOAD_TYPE and if it is delta load pass 'D' to $LOAD_TYPE in the script using if condition

Next a conditional object and inside conditional object in the 1st branch create a dataflow for Full load and in the else branch create a dataflow with delta load logic.

so now if $LOAD_TYPE='F' it will execute data flow in first branch which is full load

            if $LOAD_TYPE='D' it will execute data flow in else branch which is delta load.

Please let me know if you need more information on this,


Ravi kiran.