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FTP425 error PI FTP adapter

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Hello Experts,

We have an PI adapter (ftp adapter) configured to send files to a remote ftp server, we have a firewall between PI and remote server. Configuration was done using the following Configuring the Receiver FTP Adapter - Configuring the File/FTP Adapter in Integration Directory/PCK...

Remote server has an IP address that we have configured on firewall with a range of port numbers that we can connect through to on remote server.

The FTP transfers happen in the following manner

1) FTP adapter makes connection to remote host, exchanges userid/password, remote server sends acknowledgement = Works

2) FTP adapter issues PASV command = Works

3) Remote Server responds back with new IP address and port number (the IP address is potentially garbage) = Works

4) PI FTP Adapter attempts to connect on new IP address and port number (IP address is garbage, so it doesn't go anywhere) = Doesn't Work

5) PI FTP Adapter bails out after a timeout.

Has anyone found a solution to this ? is there a way to get PI to use a specific IP address when it issues a PASV command in the FTP adapter.

Is there a way to force PI to continue to use the original IP address that was used to connect to remote host.

I have tried searching on SDN and found the following links:

They don't resolve my problem.

PS: If I login into PI box at unix level and try to use FTP client to directly login into remote server using ftp <remote server> , it works, it also allows me to transfer files using PASSV mode.



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Hi, Siddhesh,

I see the date of your question. Did you get an answer to this? I have the same problem and cannot find a solution by Googling.

Thank you.