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FTP receiver problem

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I have read lots of threads for FTP receiver problems wiht overwriting files....

But I am not sure which is the correct solution.

We have:

- Cluster (6nodes), PI711 (SP03)

- a time stamp shoudl be in the file name

- there is dynamice filename, because first char of the filename must be set from mapping

- each mesasge must be put in a single file (not APPEND mode)

After few test it seems that files are overwriten.

I tried ADD MESSAGEID, which seems to work correctly, but with dynamic filenametimestampmsgid the filename is to long for the next application.

I saw in a note, that the cluster can be the problem....

Any idea how I can solve my problem?

Does "use temporaly filename" help?

How is it used correctly????

best reagrds


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Hi Werner,

In Processing Parameters tab, keep the file construction mode as "Add timestamp" and in the Putfile use" Use Temporary file". This should help you...

Refer the below link regarding Configuring the Receiver FTP Adapter