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FTP on UNIX machine for SAP PI

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Hi Experts,

I have PI installed on Unix machine,

I have a simple File to file scenario.

IF I have to connect to FTP machine, it throws error

Error occurred while connecting to the FTP server "": Connection refused

I have installed File Zilla server on the machine,

How do we normally carry out FTP's using XI on Unix mahcines

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Answers (3)

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>Error occurred while connecting to the FTP server "": Connection refused

Test couple of things

Ping from PI server to the ftp system. Check whether connectivity is there.

Most likely firewall rules are not established between PI and FTP system. 

Ask network guys to enable port ftp 21 or sftp 22 from PI server to ftp server.

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Hi Ravi,

Most probably your connection attempt is blocked by some firewall, in other words: PI doesn't have access to the target FTP (which is your local machine, as far as I understood). You can use one of the ways described by Michal in his blog here: to verify that. If you confirm that to be true, you can take two ways out of this situation:

1. Ask network administration team to allow the traffic from PI to your target FTP in network security rules.

2. Choose some other FTP server that is accessible from PI (since you are testing some possibilities, aren't you?).

Hope this helps,

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ask your network team to check if there is any firewall issue between your XI server and the system to which you are doing ftp the file.

moreover have FTP server installed on target machine to accept incoming ftp requests.