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FRUN/RUM - filtering user locations

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In Focussed Run - Real User Monitoring I'm perfectly able to filter on my user locations (mentioned in my USRLOC-table), as described in I do appreciate that this filter is even able to work with wildcards (*).

Now I'm wondering whether I can also filter all records with an empty user location (i.e. records not mentioned in my USRLOC-table). Who is able to advice whether RUM provides this opportunity? 🤔

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Dear Romy, Thank you very much for your suggestion.

  • Your screenshot shows the opportunity to choose a location in the scope selection. The current version of FRUN in my organisation (being 4.0) does not show this field in the scope selection.
    I can however select the locations-filter and, as mentioned in my original post, I’m even able to use wildcards to filter for locations.


  • Now I wonder whether I can also filter all records with an empty user location (i.e. all users working in locations/departments that are not mentioned in my USRLOC-table). If I select the filter attribute ‘departments’ and leave selected values empty (as you suggested in your reply), all records pass the filter (i.e. including records with a location mentioned in the USRLOC-table).

    Your suggestion, in other words, unfortunately does not provide the functionality sought. 😕

Much appreciated anyway! Kind regards

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Hello BGABruins,
There is currently no option to display requests of users that are NOT in table USRLOC as only a INNER Join is used. 

What Romy displayed above in the (LMDB) scope selector is an LMDB (customer) attribute called Location that has been created in LMDB. This has nothing to do with the locations of RUM in table USRLOC.

Best regards,