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Front End Printing with Access Method G - Printing Multiple PM Orders Displaying Multiple Windows Print Dialog Prompts

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We have recently switched to Access Method G for Front End Printing as per SAP, we were previously using Access Method F. We have an issue now with users printing multiple orders.

For Example:

A user would like to print 3 PM Orders from IW39.

  • They select the 3 orders
  • Choose Order --> Print Order
  • 3 "Windows print dialog prompts" are displayed, and the user will have to select print each time.

Obviously, this is an issue with multiple orders being printed simultaneously. We have found a solution that involves creating a new printer in SPAD, setting it to Access Method G, and then choosing the option for No Device Selection at Frontend.

I have created this printer, and removed the printer/spool defaults from my user profile; however, I am still receiving the 3 windows print dialog prompts each time I am in IW39 choosing multiple orders to print. I have also tried adding the new printer with No Device Selection at Frontend to my user profile with the same results.

I am not too versed in IW39, or work orders, so I am not sure where it is receiving the default printer from, if not from my user profile.

If I can provide any more information please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Brett,

You are getting the windows print dialog when you create one spool request and try to print it.
So it means in IW39 when you print multiple PM orders,You are creating multiple spool requests.
To resolve the issue,you need to think how to create only one spool when print multiple orders.
Pls refer to the note 85318 for more detail information.If you don't want to only create one spool
request and also don't like the windows printer popup.You need to change the access method
to others(U,S,C etc....)


Jie Bai

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Hello Brett,

For the printing control check OID1, OID2, OID3 OIDB, OIDH..


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Sounds like you have condition rules (or event based rules) for IW39, which by default override any settings you set in SU01.  I'm not familiar with IW39 or the various rules, I stumbled across this when I told functional teams I was not going to deploy all printers in our Mexico facilities in SAP and they had to provide me a list as I had only planned on front end printers.

OTC as an example may have situation where a CR is handling OTC processes from one physical location but need the orders to print out automatically at the facility where the labor is actual being performed. 

My guess is you have similiar situation and need to reach out to your functional team to track down how the business process is working.