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From One IDoc TO Many Files

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Hi Friends,

I have scenario like below..

I have a idoc with segment YSEG1 and in it i have field called YFIELD1.

If segment (YSEG1) repeats 2 times, it has to generate two files or segment repeats 3 time it has to generate Three file in the receiver side.

In First segment (YSEG1) field (YFIELD1) value = G001

In Second segment (YSEG1) field (YFIELD1) value = G002

In Third segment (YSEG1) field (YFIELD1) value = G003

But here field(YFIELD1) value varies each time (EX: YFIELD1-G001, YFIELD1-G002, YFIELD1-G002, etc..).

Based on the segment repeatation and field value vary, i have to create files in the receiver side.

Please hepl me, how to achieve this scenrio.

Thank you very much in advance.

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This can only be achieved through BPM. Just like xpath where u route your messages to different receivers, use some common condition to differentiate that segment and route to different receivers.

But my question is, the determination of number of receivers are dynamic. You wont know the number of files to be generated at runtime and relevant configuration also needs to be generated in ID.

As of my knowledge, though multi mapping can be used, it can be used only for fixed number of receivers and not dynamic receivers. Check whether you have any help where you can configure n number of receivers dynamically so that as many files you can generate.

Also let me know why you require a scenario like this.

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Hi Anandha,

I have only one receiver.

I have to create more than one file in the same receiver based on the segment field value.

Thank you very much for ur reply


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Do u want to create the output file only based on (YSEG1) field or the combination of both (YSEG1) & (YFIELD1). This can be achieved my multimapping. But tell us the validating condition , so that if u achieve the same in Mapping then the rest of the part will be taken care by multimapping.

Best regards,


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Hi ramu,

Check the following blogs.


Ramesh P

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