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Hi All.

I am trying to create a Dictionary DC but cannot as I do not have the FRAMEWORK Software component declared as a dependancy on my SC.

I cannot for the live of me find this SC anywhere in the SLD? ALso I cannot find the SCA for Checkin on the service market place.

According to SAP note 1465468, there is a couple of DC types that needs this as a dependancy.

Does anybody know where I can find this or am I missing something?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1 ask your basis to download for you, when basis download the installation file, all those sca are downloaded.

2.or go to service market and select the corresponding nw version and entry by component, you will find it.


SAP NetWeaver and complementary products" -->SAP NETWEAVER" ->SAP NETWEAVER 7.3->entry by component

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi guys.

Thanks for the replies and apologies for only getting back to you now. Doing the NWDI research and development is unfortunately last in the queue of my responsibilities.

I did eventually find the FRAMEWORK SC. I browsed through all the SC's in the SLD containing the word FRAMEWORK and found that the JAVA FRAMEWORK OFFLINE 7.10 was the one I am after.

Its kinda irritating that the name of the SC in the SLD is not the same as the one in the documentation.

I am now able to create a Dictionary DC.


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if you cannot find it in SLD, then your SLD content has to be updated as per the note #669669 (

If it is there and you only need to download it, then proceed as John described.

Example :

1. navigate to: --> Browse our Download Catalog -->

SAP NetWeaver and complementary products --> SAP NETWEAVER CE -->

SAP NETWEAVER CE 7.X --> Entry by Component --> Application Server Java

2. download the following SCA file:


If you need this for 730, then the path is slightly different: --> Browse our Download Catalog -->

SAP NetWeaver and complementary products > SAP NETWEAVER>

SAP NETWEAVER 7.3 --> Entry by Component --> Application Server Java -> ...

I hope this helps.