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FPM Wizard doesn't show transient fields

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we're using FPM Wizard 'Wizard for Creating FPM Apps on Business Entities (CRUD)' on a self made BO.
This works really fine! Except for one little detail : the root level of our BO contains a transient structure with some transient fields.
We don't seem to get those transient fields in our wizard on our main screen, but on the second screen in detail there is no problem and the fields are available.
On the main screen we only use the search guibb and the list guibb - here the transient fields are not available ...

Is this not possible or do we have to configure something?

thx, Helga

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Helga,

in my opinion it would be necessary to check the BO and "transient structure" directly on the system. Would you mind to create a customer ticket on component BC-WD-CMP-FPM? A debugging session might quickly clarify this.

Best regards,


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