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FOX reference

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I have going through the How to ... FOX Formulas Document and found code with FOX functions VARC & VARI in the demo code. However outside the document I can't find these functions anywhere in SAP Help.

I have a problem which I am trying to solve using FOX before having to delve into ABAP and so far unable to find a FOX solution.

Is there a comprehensive resource for FOX that will describe all FOX functionlity (i.e. VARC, VARI)?



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I'm Not sure if there is a source for documentation on VARC & VARI, but, following example should give enough idea.

VARC holds number of total values in a variable.

VARI gives value of the variable with index number.

let's say VAR1 is a variable holding 5 values.

Entries in the following FOX code will hold a value of 5.

in the 1st iteration of the DO loop, var_value will hold 1st value of the variable.

in the last iteration of the loop, var_value will hold 5th value of the variable.

Index = 0.

Entries = VARC('VAR1').


Index = Index + 1.

var_value = VARI('VAR1',Index).

If Index = Entries.




hope it helps.