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Fox formula. copy from one characteristic to another

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BW 3.5.

We've got multi-planning area, that includes 2 planning areas, that have different characteristics. I want to copy data from one planning area to another matching values of one characteristic to another. Could i make it using fox formula? If yes,could you explain how? I tried several ways, but didn't succeed


Planning area 1(InfoOblect1,Amount)

1, 100

2, 300

Planning area 2(InfoOblect2,Amount)

and we know match

InfoOblect1 , InfoObject2

1 101

2 202

And i want to get data in Planning area 2


101 ,100

202 ,300

Thanks for your help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Andrey,

It might work, but I would propose a copy function or a transformation for that copy function.

1) you should define the structure of the function for planning area 2.

2) you would need to maintain a mapping table for the objects

3) an abap function giving back the values of the mapping table

loop over all values of area 2 with a FOREACH IO2 IN SELECTION.

call the abap function exporting v_IO2 value, importing v_IO1 value.

copy values: {v_IO2, amount} = {#,amount | v_IO1}


this might work, but honestly, fox isnt the best solution for this.

best regards,


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And what is the best solution from your point of view? To use BW functionality?

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yes, I would say so. A routine in a transformation in BW using the mapping table.

Fox might be too slow for you looping over all that data, calling an abap function each time.

best regards,


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