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Forwarding Work Item

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Hi Experts,

My workflow is sending workitem to multiple users.

Both need to approve.Both are at the same level,so cant send to one and then other.What I am doing is,pass to all the users in a loop,one who makes the decision is removed from list and others are sent same item again.Now problem is when multiple users get the item , Say A and B.And if A frowards it to C,it will be gone from B's inbox also.Please let me know how to tackle that.Also when C executes it, I need to know who forwaded it to him.As I have to update some data for A also in the activity.

Reward point to be given for sure.

Thanks & Regards.

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Answers (3)

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Another option, Use fork. Easy!

Regards, IA

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Hi Vivek,

If you want to send individual witems for the same task to multiple people, why don't you use the circular index. You define a multi-line container element of WFSYST-AGENT and in the step, goto the tab "Miscellaneous" and in the "Multiline Element", give this multi-line cont. element. THen in the AGents tab, it automatically creates an indexed variable &AGENTS( )& and wflow will take care of the cumulative decision.

Let me know if you need more details about how to do it.



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Hi Vivek ,

I think this is standard ... if you use the same task this is will happen .

a simple work around is to use different tasks(workitems)

Its a stupid solution ... but i am not sure if there is some other way out ....

any way .. just copy the task and assign the users .. using a table container instead of a field container and remove you can use the actual agent of the last step to remove the person who has already executed the workitem from the table after every step to remove .