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Formula Variable Calculation behavior

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There are 2 Variants I have attached below, which has been executed from a single Query.

One is by using 0CALDAY in Columns and other one without using 0CALDAY in the columns. (That means the Report selection parameters is from 23/11/2014 till 30/11/2014 in both the case)

KEY filed in this report is “No of Bins”  . This has been calculated by using Formula Variable.

My requirement is, when I execute the report for above period ( 23/11/2014 till 30/11/2014) without using 0CALDAY in columns. The result should appear as 266,880 and not as 44,480. ( Since the KEY field is a Formula Variable it take the latest No of Bins Available and displays only 44,480 in Result)

In simple.  I want the KEY field “No of Bins” should Sum up all the values from 23/11/2014 till 30/11/2014. And display 266,880

Requiring Expert Advice to acquire the desired result.

1) Variant 1

2) Variant 2



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Any suggestions!!!

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Solution Found

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Hi Sachin,

soluation found please share with us it is useful to us.



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Created one Infoobject " COUNTER' and used that in infocube.

Same has been used in KF in Query Designer.  on execution of the query for given period of time ( Range) it will accumulate the number of bins and displays the result as required..

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