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formula in result rows

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i have a formula KF in key figure columns.

It is a ratio of count/quantity. say: KF = count/quantity

I want result rows of formula key figure (KF) to be based count in result rows and quantity in result rows.

By default result of KF is based on sum of all KFs in rows of KF column.

I want it to be only based on

ratio of result of count to result of quanity.

Please help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rajiv,

I think by default it gives ratio of the sums only , in the result row.

In BI7 if u want it as total of the values in the column u give in 'calculations' tab as 'calculate result as' as 'total'.

if 3.5 u can define that in 'properties' of the key figure by right clicking

hope it helps.



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You might want to create the Formula KF by putting the Function

KF = SUMCT (Count / Quantity)


KF = %CT (Count / Quantity)

This should work fine.


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It did not work.

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