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Formatting include text in smartforms

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Hi all,

I have created a node 'INCLUDE TEXT' in smartform to display the text that is maintained under transaction 'ME23N', the issue is i have to display that text in the same format(Bold/Underline) as it is maintained in 'ME23N' , though the text is displaying but the exact format i am not getting, so plz could anyone suggest me regarding this.



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Remove any style you assigned in

SMARTFORMS -> Your Text Node -> Output Options

Also remove any paragraph formats you asssigned in

SMARTFORMS -> Your Text Node -> General Attributes

If you do the above, the formatting (like bold/underline etc) that you assigned in the PO texts will be picked up. Otherwise the INCLUDE TEXT type text node picks up from the style/paragraph formats that you explicitly assigned in the node properties

Best regards,

Vishnu Tallapragada

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Hi Vishnu,

i tried the same thing what u have said, but even then i am not getting the exact format of the text.