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Form printing issue in spool

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Hi all,

Am facing a strange issue, we developed a form and configured to a warehouse. When a document posted in MB01 the TO will get generated and printed by using the form and same can be reprinted by using LT31. Now the issue is when it is reprinting it is printing properly in spool but when printing from MB01 we are facing problem and errors are u2018Consistency error: Invalid program statusu2019 and some other times u2018Error Data transfer Completed Not printed Connection closed after (protocol) error (RC=1)u2019 .

So could you please any one help me to figure it out the issue.


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Hi Karnam

We are facing exactly the same issue when printing transfer orders.COuld you please let me know how was this solved ?

Many thanks in advance.



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Can anyone help me , i am facing the same issue ? Please help me to get the solution .

During shipment saving after checkin , we are triggering output type WMTA.

Spool is generated but with status incorrect.