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form name with print program link

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How can I get the print prgram if I know the form name and if its cooresponding tcode to see the form output ?

Which t code can I link the standard form with its corresponding driver program if it is other than PO.

It may be PP, PM , FICO ?

How can I know that t code ?



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Hi Naresh,

There are 2 ways of finding the driver program name, if u know the form name:

1) In table TNAPR : give the form name in the in FONAM for script or in SFORM if it is a smart form.You get the associated Driver program name.

2) U can also find it in NACE transaction provided u know the application type.

3) Also there is another method by which u can find out the driver program name which is rather vague:

a) in SE37 --> FM " SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME" , do the where used list for this FM.

b) In the screen that is displayed double click on each program name and it displays the mentioned FM , in the FM check out for parameter " FORMNAME" in exporting section. check if the name of your smart form is passed to this parameter. Then this is the Driver program.

Note : There are chances that the smart form is called from one or more programs.

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For FI/CO we can maintain by t-code OB96.

and rest MM and SD we can easily maintain by NACE t-code.


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For Print program you can go to table TNAPR and give your form name in FONAM field if it is sapscript. If it is smartform give it in SFORM and execute it will shos you the print program.