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Form existing in client 000

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Hi All Experts,

I have a requirement to use form sd_packing_list which is actually existing in client 000. Requirement to use this form is in another client. This form is not existining in another client where I want to do the development copying this form and make some changes. What is the way out.

Should I copy the form from client 000 to the required client. I also want to know is it possible that if some transaction inside (VL74) uses this form in the client in which this form is not existing, will it work I mean will transaction be able to make use of that form.

One more thing as I know script is client dependent it means if form does not exist in a client then it must be copied from the root client which is 000 and then make the necessary change further on.



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use report RSTXR3TR

Report RSTXR3TR allows SAPscript objects (texts, styles, forms) and device types to be transported between R/3 and a local or central file. Which objects are to be transferred is taken from a transport request created in the transport system.

The entries in the transport request appear as follows:

Forms are transported using R3TR FORM NAME, where NAME stands for the name of the form.

Styles are transported using R3TR STYL NAME, where NAME stands for the name of the style.

Texts are transported using R3TR TEXT OBJECT,NAME,ID,L, where OBJECT stands for the text object (from table TTXOB), NAME for the text name, ID for the text ID (from table TTXID), and L for the language key of the text.

Device types are transported using R3TR PRIN NAME, where NAME stands for the name of the device type.

Note: Texts, styles, and forms are client-specific! They are always read from the current client when exported and to thecurrent client when imported. Printer definitions are not client-specific. The current client is therefore not significant when exporting/importing device types.

reaward for use ful answers



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we can copy the script from the 000 client

and we can use it our client as per our requirement

to do this go to edit -

copy client

it will ask to which client u want give the clinet and language