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Form display issue in QC21

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i'm working on QC21. and i copied the standard script.

but i'm not able to see the data in the layout that i have done.

it is still displaying the standard layout in print preview only language is changed to english.

how can i see the data but in my own designed layout.

i'm told to attach my layout to the quality profile. to see data in layout that i want.

but no one knows how to do it.

please guide me.


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Hi Kash,

I have worked on this 2 weeks back.

Please do the follwoing things...

1) In SE71 do copy from client for QM_CERT* from client 000 to whichever client u r working on right.

2) Of which particularly QM_CERT_01 sap script you should copy to create your custom sap script layout.

3) Well now comes the assignment of this layout to the standard driver program.

It is actually a very different process.

There is something called as Certificate profiles to which these certificates (layouts) are attached. Over there you simply need to replace the standard script QM_CERT_01, by ur custom script.

4) Now lets see how to attach it, follow this process.


click on drop down Logistics --> Quality Management --> Quality Certificate -->Output -->Certificate Profile --> Assignment --> Change

there u'll see the condition type...on top click on header data.

u'll be taken to another window.

there u'll be able to see the standard sap script name QM_CERT_01.

simply remove that name...enter the name of ur custom sap script and save the profile.

that's whenever u'll execute the standard transaction QC21, u'll see ur layout.

later u can debug, if some values are not seen...but i'm sure overall layout will be the one that u have designed.

I'm sure it'll help you, do let me knw...All The Best