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Forgot Java Admin password

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I have forgotton the Java Admin password. Need info on how to retrieve/re-set Java Admin password for Web AS 6.40 SR1 running on windows OS.

Thanks in advance.



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Answers (1)

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What you'll need to do is active the Emergency User store and activate the SAP* user.

In configtool:

go to cluster_data -> server -> cfg -> services

switch to edit mode and change the propertysheet (this is located in Server -> Services -> Configuration Adapter -> cluster_data -> server -> cfg -> services )

Enable SAP* for the by setting these 2 values and restarting.

ume.superadmin.activated = TRUE

ume.superadmin.password = pass

Now you have Admin level access to unlock the j2ee_admin account (you can use the useradmin webpage for this: