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Forcing a new page and using CAN GROW in a group header section??

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Two Questions:

1) Is it possible to force a new page at any given position of the report?

I have a summary report with drill downs. My problem is that the vendor name and address (group 3 which is split into 3 subgroups GH3a GH3Bb GH3c) is sometimes at the end the page and the rest of the information (detaila and detail b with GFs) continue on the next page.

Can I specify a specific time or position when to page so that if this happens I can make the vendor name print on the next page?

I know of the keep group together option in the section expert but that keeps the detail together with the group heading - which is not the problem I am trying to resolve.

2) Can the group header and group footer sections be set to CAN GROW?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If a field exists in a section and the field is set to can grow, the section will grow with the field.

CR2008 allows you to page after X number of records in the details section. See section expert, paging tab (Details Section)

If you are not using CR2008 you could calculate the number of records per group and new page after this based on the number of records.

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