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Footer plugin Fiori Launchpad in different UI5 versions not working

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I have implemented a footer plugin to the Fiori launchpad of a S/4HANA system (release 2020). To achieve that I have: a. implemented the call to the oRenderer object and all the other necessary changes in my BAS trial account (as explained in here and here)

b. exported/downloaded everything and imported it to the S/4HANA on-prem via report /UI5/UI5_REPOSITORY_LOAD

c. configured the Fiori launchpad designer as described here

Everything is working fine and the footer is displayed in the FLP on the S/4HANA system which is on UI5 library version 1.84 (SAP_UI 755 SP 2).

Next, my task is to get it to run on a NW ABAP 7.50 (SP18) with UI5 library version 1.52 (SAP_UI 752 SP 10).

I followed all the steps as desribed above. However the footer just doesn't appear.

Any help or advice is appreciated regarding the difference between the UI5 versions or whatever might be the cause?

Thx and regards, Ulli

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Hey Ulli,

hm, do you see any errors in the console when you start the FLP?

You might start the Fiori launchpad in debug mode by adding "?sap-ui-debug=true" as a URL parameter to see a better reporting.

Besides that:

Do you see any failing requests in the network tab of your Developer Tools of the browser?



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Hi Alexander,

thanks for the reply.

There are no failing requests in the network tab of the developer tools.

Running the FLP in debug mode gives some errors, but it looks to me as if they are not related to the issue I have (see the attached screen shot).

I have also started debugging the ICF-Handler class /UI2/CL_FLP_HTTP_HANDLER, but this is quite an effort. Maybe if you could point me where the magic happens.

Thx and regards,