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I applied SAPBEXexcGood1 to the data result and also changed the font-size in the stylesheet to much smaller. However, the change is not reflected although I have refreshed the cache.

Before this change, the font size is smaller.

Please could you advise me.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Pascal,

how do you delete the cache ?


1. SMICM->go to->HTTP server cache->invalidate->golbal in system

or transaction rsrt -> cache monitor -> delete

2. transaction RSRCACHE

oss note 456068

3. WAD, menu tools -> setting -> delete cache -> delete cache.

check thread

4. browser (IE)

hope this helps.

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Hello A.H.P,

I logged-in the next day and the problem is the same.

Would you have idea what css class to set to control the font size of the sapbexexcgood1?

I tried a few settings to no avail. Somehow, its the same as when you hit a div0 error where font size is of certain default setting. My report is shrunk to small font size.

Pls advise.

Pascal G.

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Hi Pascal,

In your CSS, look for .SAPBEXexcGood1, .SAPBEXexcGood1:link and .SAPBEXexcGood1:visited. You can change the font size in all these.

Hope this helps...

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