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Font rendering quality barcode

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I have a strange problem. When I use the old RDC to print a report, everything is ok.

When I use the current .NET viewer and print from the preview, everything is also ok.

Only when I use the Report.PrintToPrinter method directly then the barcode is wrong.

Here are two examples:



You can see that also the width is wrong.

The rest of the report is ok.

Any hints on what I can check?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Need more info.

Version of CR with SP level?

Version of VS?

Win or web app?

Does the report print fine from CR designer?

Does this happen on development machine or server?

What happens when you print the report from CR .NET viewer print button?

Does this happen to specific printers?

- Bhushan

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