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Folder sequence in Desktop Intelligence...

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Hi experts,

We have an issue with the sequence of the folders in Desktop Intelligence when querying a BO universe.


  • SAP BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence Xi
    • Version 12.7.1
    • Build 2131


  • Web Intelligence displays the correct folder structure as setup in BO Designer but Desktop Intelligence displays folders in a different order for the same universe.


Web Intelligence = correct sequence

  Desktop Intelligence = Incorrect sequence

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Thank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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    Some things to try:

  • What version of Browser IE 11.x (Compatibility View) is being used with JAVA 1.7 only?
    • Java 1.8 is NOT supported
  • Try using XI 3.1 w/ SP7 FP1 WebI rich-client to compare?
  • Have you deleted all local version of the Universe to confirm the latest version CMS is being downloaded?
  • Confirm that DeskI & WebI rich-client are same build as server?



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Hi Ajay,

We resolved the issue by using the CORE_ORDER_PRIORITY parameter on our linked universe:

The steps:

  1. Set the CORE_ORDER_PRIORITY parameter to 'Yes'


  1. Refresh universe structure. This will update all objects and folders from the base universe.
  2. Set the CORE_ORDER_PRIORITY parameter to 'No'.
  3. Move the folders into required sequence.
  4. Save and export.
  5. Both Web Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence now display the correct folder sequence.

Thank you


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