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Floorplan Manager: standard icons disappear when navigating

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Hi All,

I am navigating from A application to B and back to A by using FPM launchpad and calling method IF_FPM_NAVIGATION-NAVIGATE.

In the launchpads for both A and B I have set the Icon Path to default for Webdynporo ABAP:


...but when returning from B to A there are no standards icons anymore in the toolbars of GUIBBs.

Any ideas?

PS: by standard icons I mean such ones like "download file", etc, which are already predifined for standard GUIBB functions.

Thanks in advance!



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...additional info: if "Suspend/Resume" check box in the FPM launchpad "B" is OFF, then icons in "A" are in place (navigating B->A), but I need to have this checkbox ON, because in this case event FPM_RESUME gets trigerred.