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Flexible Workflow - PO Workflow Triggering


Hello Team,

Could you please help me with the following scenario:

Customer needs to have a following scenario:

Whenever a PR is created, it should go to item level approval for different approvers based on certain criteria. Once all the items are approved, then it should get approval from Finance team. Now Flexible workflow has two different workflow, 2000471 is for PR Item and 2000458 is for PR Overall approval.

WS020004580000000019Overall Release of Purchase RequisitionWS020004710000000020Release of Purchase Requisition Item

Question is:

1) How do I trigger overall PR approval workflow after all the items are getting approved. i.e., trigger one workflow based on another workflows outcome.

2) if by any chance Finance team rejects the PR, then it should again to the initiator and start the whole process again. Like, we want to complete the current workflow instance and start the new workflow for 2000471, so that 471 gets approved from all the first level of approvers and then 458 will be sent to FI team for approver.

Thank You


Nizamudeen SM

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