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Flat file without delimiter

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Hi All,

We are potentially going to load a flat file into our BW system that is generated in R3. The file generated in R3 is not delimited, but rather the fields are a fixed length.


Article (8)

Site (4)


Where 00086950 is Article, 1234 is Site.

To load this file into BW, does it have to be delimited. Or can I use a fixed length format based on the lengths of my infoobjects?



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Answers (1)

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Hi...there are two ways to load data from a flat file....from an Ascii file (this is your case) or a CSV file.

Both ways you have to define your datasource structure before to make the load...

First i recommend you to define your structure, and next define your load this case try to use the ascii file and see a preview of the file in oprder to see if the fields are taken right...


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