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Flat File Upload

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Consider the following situation.

R/3 -

> ODS -

> InfoCube

At the ODS Level all the data is present from SAP R/3 plus I have 2 flat file uploads as well in the ODS.

However in the InfoCube the flat file data as well as <b><u><i>SOME</i></u></b> of the R/3 data is not there.

A Delta upload is scheduled to run daily.

There are no errors or failed uploads in the ODS or Cube.

In any case delta happens daily.

Please advise as what could be the reason for this.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dominic,

this situation could be caused by a series of situation...

1) check if in your ODS every request is activated

2) check if you have some deletion process in your start routines

3) check your update methods in the ODS update rules (if in some KF there is some not desired overwrite...)

4) which type of check are you doing to say 'I have no data in my cube'...are you seeing partial amount or completely missed records (char combination) ???

Hope it helps!



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thanks points awarded to both

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Dominic -

The best way to ensure that what exactly will be sent to you cube is to check and see what in the change log table - in the ODS.

If records do not make it there, then there is probably no change to the ODS records at all (Check the keys of the ODS).

If the records do exist in the change log and still do not make it up to the cube, the yes perhaps there is something in the start routine or the update rules that have cleared the records.


Mike Levites