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Flat File to XML mapping Problem

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I am facing some issues in mapping from flat file to XML. I have not reached to the stage of actually executing the scenario and the problem has not advanced beyond mapping tests.

Following are structures of inbound flat file (as specified in content conversion parameters of sender adapter)

Document Name  MMADealerStatementInbound_MT

Recordset Name  MMADealerStmtInbound_Type

Recordset Structure 


Recordset Sequence  Ascending

Key Field Name  RecordType

Key Field Type  String (Case Sensitive)

Following are structures of Outbound XML file needed

All DealerDetail nodes are lumped together in first DealerStmt nodes. They need to be distributed across many DealerStmt nodes.

Company CompanyName 25

Company CompanyAddress StreetAddress Company Street Address 50

Company CompanyAddress City Company City 40

Company CompanyAddress State Company State 3

Company CompanyAddress ZIP Company ZIP 10

Company CompanyAddress Country Company Country 3

Company RunParams RunDate Statement Run date 8

Company RunParams StmtPeriod Statement Period 20

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerNumber 10

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerName 35

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerAddress StreetAddress Dealer Street Address 50

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerAddress City Dealer City 40

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerAddress State Dealer State 3

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerAddress ZIP Dealer ZIP 10

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerAddress Region Dealer Region 4

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerRemitToAddress CompanyName Company Name 50

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerRemitToAddress StreetAddress1 Street Address 1 50

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerRemitToAddress StreetAddress2 Street Address 2 50

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerRemitToAddress StreetAddress3 Street Address 3 50

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerDetail 0-unbounded DocDate Document Date 8

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerDetail 0-unbounded InvoiceNumber Invoice Number 10

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerDetail 0-unbounded TransDescription Transaction Description 50

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerDetail 0-unbounded TransAmount Transaction Amount 16

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerDetail 0-unbounded AmountSign Amount Sign 1

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerAgeing CurrentBal Current Balance 15

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerAgeing Bal1to31days Balance 1 to 31 Days 15

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerAgeing BalOver31 Over 31 days Old 15

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerAgeing BalOver61 Over 61 days Old 15

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerAgeing BalOver92 Over 92 days Old 15

DealerStmt 0-unbounded DealerAgeing BalOver123 Over 123 days Old 15

Trailer DealersCount 5

Trailer TransCount 10

Trailer TotalAmount 20

Here is the mapping I used for this node.

/ns0:MMADealerStatementOutbound_MT/MMADealerStmtOutbound_Type/DealerStmt/DealerDetail=ifWithoutElse(stringEquals(/ns0:MMADealerStatementInbound_MT/MMADealerStmtInbound_Type/DealerDetail/RecordType=, const()), SplitByValue(/ns0:MMADealerStatementInbound_MT/MMADealerStmtInbound_Type/DealerDetail=))

My email address is and i can send some screen shots to understand better.

I need help of XI mapping Gurus.



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Possible mention the source Message/Data Type and Target Data Type and Mapping Rules reuired. Then I think it may be useful to give some hints.

btw , What is the error in Mapping ?



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Thanks Moorthy for quick response.

I have downloaded inbound and outbound message structure schemas and i have all the mapping rules. Let me know where (email address) to send them.