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Flat File Synchronism - Smart Sync Application

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Hi !

We are using Mobile Infrastructure to develop a Smart Sync Application.

In this solution one challenge is to Sync a Flat File between Mobile Server and Mobile Client.

We aren't found a mechanism to improve this solution, because in BAPI Wrappers we can only use ABAP technology and in ABAP we have serious limitations in terms of Flat File manipulation.

Anybody can help us?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hello talis,

if the files you are uploading are just pure text files,

then you can make a little workaround by putting your

data into a syncbo container. this means that you need to

read you text file and put then into your child item fields.

if your files however are binary files, this might not be

that easy. MI API doesn't support a binary field in a

syncBo. you can create an http service that will process

your uploaded binary files; however, you have to code it

by yourself. you can also use your browser's multipart form

file upload... here's a good example.



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