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Flat File Load

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We've implemented all requirements as described in the "How to load a Flat File..".

We still have 1 issue to be solved.

In particular for Object Profit Center. When only 1 profitcenter is filled in the Characteristic range in Planning Package, the file is loaded successfully!

But when we insert a range (, the load fails!

Does anyone knows how the range should be defined in the Planning Package? We already tried to use from 0 to 9Z;00000 to 99999; aaa to zzz...

Leading zeros are already defined.

Thanks for your help!


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Answers (1)

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Kurt i hope this could be helpful for you:

When you define a range pay attention if all the value in the range are written in the Flat File.

Ex: 0CALYEAR 2004-2005 (range in pl lev); if you load a file with only 2004 or only 2005 your load fails.

So if you specify a value in the pl lev range that it's not included in the file the load fails.

Hope it helps.


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Hi Fabio,

I already solved the issue. The Object 0Profitcenter

wasn't maintained in Fields to be changed.

Anyway thanks for yoyr reply!