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Flash, Web Services, SAP EP 6 (JAVA) - HELP!

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<b>Problem Summary</b>

I will do my best to describe my situation, however I am only a web designer/flash designer not a web server admin, network admin. or SAP EP 6 admin.

My coworker has created a Web Service and deployed it on our SAP Enterprise Portal (ep 6) (JAVA).

I have created a Flash movie that uses the WebServicesConnector, DataSet, DataGrid and TextArea components to receive and display the data delivered by the web service.

It works fine when I test locally (on my desktop using ctrl+enter) - the data displays perfectly and it is definitely accepting data from the Web Service that is being served by our EP 6 Portal. But when I move my .swf and HTML to the web server that hosts our html files (not the EP 6 Portal Server(s)), I get no data. The html web server and the EP 6 servers are completely separate machines but they do reside in the same domain. They do have different sub-domains, however.

Macromedia discusses the issue of Flash receiving data via Web Services from a different domain or sub-domain. Their solution is an XML policy file named "crossdomain.xml" that identifies to the flash player domains and sub-domains that are permitted to receive data from the web service-hosting server. This policy file is supposed to reside in the WEB SERVER ROOT of the server that is delivering the Web Service - in this case, the web server root of our EP 6 Server(s).

The web server I am running my .swf on is in a different sub-domain:

- my.swf = <b>thisServer</b>

- web services/EP6 Portal = <b>ep6Server</b>

so I am assuming I need to use the crossdomain.xml policy file.

<b>MY QUESTION... and it is a doosey.</b>

I see that I need to place the crossdomain policy file in the <b>Web Server Root</b> of the server that is hosting the web service - our EP 6 Server(s). Where would I find the <b>Web Server Root on the EP 6 Portal</b>? Is it the same as the Web Application Root? And if anyone understands my situation, is this all I am dealing with?

Please, if anyone out there has experience with SAP Enterprise Portals (version 6.0) - JAVA, not .NET - AND use of Flash, components, web services, and what the heck, motorcycle repair, could you please offer me some guidance? We are moving stuff to QA at the end of this week and I really need to find an answer.

Any other insight into my "Web Services to Flash in EP 6" scenario would be very much appreciated!


Tony Z

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With the help of my esteemed coworker, we created an iView that incorporated my Flash app. thus negating the necessity for a cross-domain policy file.

We now have a really nice, rich bulletin board application that is completely configurable through the standard iView configuration screens that will display messages, images, links and so on.

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Web Server root (EP6 Server root) is /usr/sap/<SID>/JC00/j2ee/cluster/serverX/apps/

When you put any file here then you can access it like http://host:port/irj/fileName