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Flagging content as internal/external at upload?

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I understood from the Project Forum that it would be possible to mark content as relevant for SAP-internal or external audiences. However, I've just uploaded some documents, and couldn't find this option anywhere.

I also thought it was mentioned at the Project Forum that it would be possible to write an abstract for a document when uploading, so that others could see what it was about before opening the whole .pdf file - I couldn't find a field for that either.

Am I missing something obvious, or are these functions not available (yet)?

Thanks and regards,


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Hello Sarah,

Thank you for your contribution.

You are right ? the internal/external classification is missing.

Short answer ? it will be back soon.

Long answer ? we removed it during the internal beta (everything was internal?) and did not put it back, yet.

As for the Abstract, in the presentation I gave I said that we are working on this cover page feature and it should be ready soon. We hope to have it active by September. For now, please create an abstract file and attach it to the article using ZIP (article and abstract zipped together).

Again, thank you for all the content you have uploaded, we are working now to include it in the relevant areas.