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Flag for PO

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Hi All,

I have requirement to show if a purchase order has all items fully delivered then order is closed. If any one item is open, the complete PO should be open. I have got item table of purchase order EKPO - ELIKZ (field for delivery indicator)but at item level as nothing is there at header level for PO.

Applying the logic below is the output (first screenshot) of the hana view, which is not sufficient as it shows individual item status which is open or closed but doesnot tell if the PO is closed or open.
So i need to apply a logic somehow to consider all items ; if for all items ELIKZ= X then PO is closed else open (something like in second screenshot).

Here this order has item- 30 open as ELIKZ = blank which means not delivered,

but i am not able to figure out how to model flag value for all items

I am trying to model it via calculation graphical view. Any idea how can i achieve this in graphical view

Desired output is :
When user takes PO in the report , Flag should tell the user that PO is open.

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Please can you explain your requirement for clear, because at the moment it is very confusing (e.g. statements like "... her this order has one item 30 open, ..." or "... since one item is open this should be closed ...").

What do you want to reach? An indicator which shows for one AUBEL if all positions are closed or if at least one is open?

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You can create additional aggregation node for PO status. In this aggregation node retrieve AUBEL as a column and ELIKZ as aggregated column with aggregation type MIN.

After that if there will be any item which is not delivered, you will see '' value in that column. If all will be X, then you will see X.

After that create a join between you current model and new Aggregation node on AUBEL column.

This way you will get the status for entire PO.