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fixed width of column in tableView

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Hello Expert.

I have this code:

<htmlb:tableView  id="table" 
table="<%= table%>"
columnDefinitions="<%= LT_COL_DEF%>"
columnHeaderVisible = "false"
footerVisible = "FALSE">

The attribute WIDTH in LT_COL_DEF is set in 100

and the attribute WRAPPING = 'X'. ( FOR ALL THE COLUMNS)

But the Columns change the WIDTH when I Maximize the Browser.

How can i make, that no matter the size of the window, the WIDTH still be the same?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I believe this is connected not with the column but rather whole tableview . What embracing component do you have for that tableview, is it DIV ?

Make sure you are not having dynamic width (by giving percentage value) for that parent element. This would cause that i.e 80% width of page for embracing DIV would be less wider then same 80% for maximized window. So the table would also be streched accordingly.



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