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Fixed Column

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i have a table report in web. the first column contains the key figures (e.g. net value). the next columns containing the monthly values. is it possible to "fix" the first column like in excel. the problemn is if you scroll to the right you don't know exactly what key figures relates to the relevant number.

any ideas?

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Answers (2)

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You can have fixed width columns but the contents of the cells won't get cut off like in Excel.

To make columns fixed width, you have to go to se24, make a new class, and set the superclass to CL_RSR_WWW_MODIFY_TABLE. On the methods tab, redefine CAPTION_CELL and add code like this:



C_CELL_TD_EXTEND = 'width="60"'.


Repeat the WHEN condition for every column you want to edit. 0MATERIAL is the infoobject technical name of the column. Activate the class.

Then, in your web template, switch to HTML view and look for your table object. Change the ITEM_CLASS to read:

<param name="ITEM_CLASS" value="ZCUSTOM_TABLE"/>

where ZCUSTOM_TABLE is the name of your class.

Hope this helps you.

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thanks. but that just fixes the width of the column. i want to have a "fixed" colum like in Excel: if you scroll the screen to the right the first column should stay in front: so only colums 2 - n are scrolled

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Hi Marc,

i think you can set the Web Table Property.

Display data from value column: Data column after which the data is displayed. (DATA_COLUMN_FROM)

and also check (DATA_COLUMN_TO) this as well..

hope this helps you.

Deepak Kunavarapu