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FITV travel assistant - buttons Add and Remove Employee

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Hi experts,

My client have just implemented FITV in SAP Portal and they are using FITV in Portal for employees, managers and assistants (can book travel expenses for employees).

There are some assistants that are not able to see "Add and Remove Employee" buttons. They have access to Portal specific role for assistant (and backend assistant role SAP_FI_TV_WEB_ASSISTANT) and they are able to see the employee list iview but they don't have any employee on the list and also they can't add any employee as button "Add employee" is not available.

Moreover I have tested on development system: there is a specific (test) user for assistant connected with an employee that is working fine. When I map this employee with my user I am

Do you have any idea if there is any authorization / configuration missing for my user account? or any OM relationship?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi AS,

First and foremost, I'm no expert in this one. Just recently, I created a modified copy of FITV_POWL_TRIPS which is somewhat related to your problem. So I hope I can help.

By 'implemented FITV', do you mean created custom feeder class and dynpro component? If so, I think the issue lies within the feeder class. If I remember it right, defined in the feeder class are the actions (buttons) a user can perform.



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Those buttons are usually tied to actions that are defined in the feeder class used for the given POWL query.

If you disable the actions in the feeder class implementation, those button will be automatically hidden.

I have not done this with this particular application, but have done similar customization in SRM applications where POWL is used.

So, try to identify the QUERY used in this case and hence the Feeder class (transaction POWL_TYPE). Then you can debug the application and identify which methods need to be customized.

Hope that helps !!



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