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Fiserv has a need for pulling users information from the BO database.

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Fiserv has a need for pulling users information from the Business Objects database and we woud like to use the Universe and Web Intelligence reports that are mentioned in the article - Unlock the Auditing database with a new Universe a... - SAP Community.  We would like to know if using this solution could invalidate the support license, KBA 2793147. Please provide suggestion/advice, let us know as early as you can.  Thank you.

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Using the universe on the Audit database won't invalidate the license.  However, it won't necessarily get you all of the users in the system either.  It will only show the users who have logged in to BOBJ.  It also won't necessarily show you any user group or security information.

To get all users and their relationships to user groups, you could use the CMS universe that comes standard with 4.3 and is in the optional add-ons for later versions of 4.2.  This universe queries the CMS database to pull the information.