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fiscyear v/s 0fiscper

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wht is the difference between 0fiscper and 0fiscper ?

(now iam using 0calday,0calmonth ,wihich is suitble for year ?

Edited by: sap on Jan 26, 2008 10:27 AM

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Hi sap,

Find the explanation for each.

0Fiscyear is finacial year. in some countries financial year starts in Jan, some countries it is April like.Unlike calander year which always strats with Jan.

0FISCPER3 is posting period. If you finacial year start in April. Posting period 1 means April.

0Fiscvar - Fiscal year varient. 0fiscvar specifies where your finacial year starts,

Example 0Fiscvar V3 means finacial year starts in April.

Youcan define your own fiscal year varients also.

Fiscper is Fiscal year / Period. Here you are combining posting period and fiscal year. format will be like this 001.2006 .

Fiscal period is another time characteristic useful e.g. when year vary from calendar year. In company where I work, the fiscal year begins in October and ends in September next year. In that case there are such entries in time dimensions:

0CALMONTH 09.2006 = 0FISCPER 012.2006

0CALMONTH 10.2006 = 0FISCPER 001.2007

0CALMONTH 11.2006 = 0FISCPER 002.2007


and so on.

The 0FISCVARNT is compounded InfoObject of 0FISCPER (additional key) used to distinguish various variants of fiscal year. For example we have two companies in one data warehouse and first is using these variant that I mention above and the second is using fiscal year variant compliant to calendar year ('K4' in our case). So we have such situation when 0FISCPER 001.2007 means 10.2006 month/year for one company code and 01.2007 month/year for the second company code. So first uses one variant ('Z9') and the second uses another variant ('K4'), which tells how to interprete this 0FISCPER value.

0FISCYEAR is a part of 0FISCPER which contains Fiscal Year, and 0FISCPER3 contains Fiscal Period only.

Hope it would be clear for You now.

Hope this Helps



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Hi Karthik

it,s nice explanation

I written one update routine for 0fisc year

abap code(Result=comm_ structure-ship_date(4).

when execute the query ,for fiscyear it,s displying v3/2007

my target is only 2007 has to be displyed

How can I ?

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Hi sap,

May be you are reffering to a wrong field because 0FISCYEAR is a time charecterstic of length 4.It cannot hold the value which you have specified.Any way load the data once again and check the value.



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Hi Karthik,

I am getting like this in my query

Calendar day: Cal. year / month: Fiscal year

10/17/2007 10.2007 V3/2007

10/18/2007 10.2007 V3/2007

10/20/2007 10.2007 V3/2007

In cube my valus are like this

Calendar day: Cal. year / month: Fiscal year

17/10/2007 2007.10 2007

18/10/2007 .2007.10 2007

20/10/2007 2007.10 2007

pls fined the difference in above 2 formats

Note: I write routines for calday,calmonth&fiscyear based on ship date

my abap code

for calday : result=comm_structure-ship_date

calmonth: result=comm_structure-ship_date(6)

fiscyear : result=comm_structure-ship_date(4)

why I am getting different formats in query& cube ?

wht is the solution ?

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The Date format is displayed depending on what setting is done in SU01 for the user.

Check in SU01 under Default parameter tab. The setting that you will be having there for date parameter will be what will be reflected in report irrespective of the format of the data available in cube.

This is the reason why 17/10/2007 is getting displayed as 10/17/2007

For Fiscal year(2007), it is always compounded with Fiscal variant (V3) . So it is being displayed as V3/2007.

You can try changing the display to text or key of the characteristic by going to the characteristic properties in the Query . I am not sure whether this will display V3/2007 as 2007. But you can try it out.

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Hi Rakesh Pattani,

Thanx for u r reply,

1)In su01 date format is DD.MM.YYY,

Iam not getting my values as for above format,

2)In 0fiscal year properties systems shows only key properties(in properties Iam not getting Text values)

why ?

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If you have not solved the problem change it like this.Restrict ur query on 0FISCVARNT to V3 in filter and on properties of characteristic 0FISCYEAR display as KEY.Then u can eliminate V3/2007 to just 2007.



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In 0fiscalyear properties Iam getting only key ,

if execute the report Iam getting key & text

now tell me

why like this ?