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Fiori variant transport while migrating from hub to embedded

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We have migrated from hub to embedded and we would like to transport variants from old Gateway to new S4 embedded system.

How could we get all variants created? Is there any table o report?

Reading this:

We have found those 4 tables:



We do not know if that is correct, or if these records are public and local variants created.

Is it enough just to transport that?

Reading note we can see this comment:

  1. Migration of .appstate (due to data privacy reason) and .ui2pers files and app variants is not supported by report '/UIF/MIGRATE_FES_PERSO'.


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Hi Iker,

we recently did the same using the report /UIF/MIGRATE_FES_PERSO you mentioned. Once the TR was imported in the backend where the embedded Fiori setup is running, we were able to see the views. We were mostly worried about the public views so we spent some efforts to check whether these were kept, so I can't really tell whether the private ones were imported correctly.

As a side note we did this activity as part of a system upgrade, so some of the views weren't kept due to them belonging to obsolete apps, therefore the references found in /UIF/LREPDCONTCD were still pointing to the old app and therefore the successor apps came with no public views.

Hope this helps!