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FIORI : Selected table column in analytical app not posted in select query

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In Analytical app : 'Stock multiple material', we have added a custom field in the CDS view. By including that table column in selection, value is not being displayed in the table. This happens in the UI version 1.48 but the same column value is being displayed in the version 1.53. Kindly suggest the solution to overcome this version incompatibility.

Custom field added in the CDS view : 'Storage bin'

'Storage bin' not included for selection in version 1.48

'Storage bin' included for selection in version 1.53


Did you get solution for this issue? i am also facing the same problem. custom fiori application is not sending custom attribute in $select. only standard fields are going to the custom odata service.



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Hello ,
the same happens here. OData service extended, SADL field mapping done, and also populated content in the return entityset. Analytical column added in View extension, bu select query does not contain teh newly added field. Played with the analytical table column properties and binding, but data is not fetched on UI5 1.65.
Did you manage to solve this ? Is there a kind of automatic/configured way, instead of manipulating the v2 ODataModel requests in another extension hook ?
Thanks, Attila

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I am also facing same issue, Odata sevice extended and added column to the extension point given by SAP to add analytical column to the table, but the column does not appear and data is not fetched.


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