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Fiori LPD Win-AD SSO using Secure login server(SSO 3.0) with SAML2.0

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I am trying to configure Win AD -Single Sign-on for Fiori URL using Secure login server (SSO 3.0) with SAML2 authentication.

I followed the steps as shown in blog,

I created one Authentication profile of type secure login web client profile in SLAC page and created policy in NWA-> Authentication and single sign-on page as mentioned.

Tried accessing Enrollment configuration URL of authentication profile which is created for this purpose, prompted me to enter the credentials. After giving the credetials, I am getting the following error message,

Failed to connect to a local Secure Login Client Web Adapter. Possible reasons for this problem •No Secure Login Client is listening on local HTTPS port 555. SAP Single Sign-On Secure Login Client version 3.0 or higher with activated Web Adapter is required to use this functionality. •The local HTTPS server certificate used by Secure Login Client is not trusted by your browser. The X.509 root certification authority certificate that issued your local server needs to be imported into your browsers trusted authorities store. •This Secure Login Web Client is not running on a server that is known by the local Secure Login Client (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing violation). The list of locally configured Secure Login Server profiles does not contain this Web Client profile. Either this profile is missing, or the profiles configuration was not generated by the desired Secure Login Server.

Kindly advice the steps for Fiori LPD authentication with Win-AD.

Environments: Secure login server 3.0 installed as add-on pack in NW7.5 JAVA stack.

I could see my Fiori launchpad redirects to secure login server and is authenticating using Win-AD upon entering the credentials manually.

Thanks in advance



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