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Fiori List Report Language

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I'm creating a Fiori App on BAS using a list report, and I'm using as a service c_salesordermanage_sd, entety SalesOrderManage. My app is being displayed with language EN, but I want to be PT.

Can I change a service language? How can I achive that?

Inês Martins

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Inês,
I am very sorry to give you some bad news.
The service c_salesordermanage_sd is not intended to be offered in BAS to build a custom app on top of it. It is only designed for an pre-delivered application: Manage Sales Orders - Version 2.

This symptom has been already detected end of last year and the gap will be closed in course of 2024.

Best regards,
Etienne Streibel
Product Owner - S/4 HANA Development - SD Sales

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Thank you very much for your help.
So the service is available on BAS but its not meant to be used in a custom app, is that it?
What symptom are you working on? About the languages or the service?

Ines Martins